Coded and Orchard are up to something!

Coded are a 5 piece Alternative Rock band based in Capetown . They have just celebrated being together for 3 years now. The 3 songs they are about to record will be 1 ballad, 1 pop rock song and 1  middle of the road alternative rock song all embedded in their upcoming EP which is titled All Systems Go. They are already featured on a couple of radio stations like Mfm and Puk fm and a couple of Internet stations with their demo songs, so they hope to hit a home run with the more polished studio recordings meant for mainstream radio.

They have their demo songs available, you can listen to them here

In addition, they are going to be gigging at on the 23rd of October at Mercury with Red Hellen and on the 30th October with Deity’s Muse at Roar.

So words reaching us here at AudioInferno Towers is that Orchard are gonna be releasing another single next month. I’m not surprised, these guys are hardworking, just the other day, their first ever single called Severed Sense was out. It’s the beginning of their success, I must say.

Listen to the song here

If you wanna know more about the song, click HERE

So the name of the single coming out next month will be Burning Iris.


Stay tuned to AudioInferno \m/


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