Culture Horizon – A Side Project of Void of Belonging

I have seen Kenyan band Culture Horizon doing their thing but I did not know it was a side project, when I was told by Christian Sangwa (composer of both bands), I was amazed. When I thought Void of Belonging had gone on a hiatus, they recently came out with this sick track Dream Again and they have a side project, too much news for a band.

They had this to say on the side project:

Culture Horizon:

Culture horizon is a project that was formed by Void Of Belonging to experiment with rock music in an African way. It all started when most ideas that were brought to the table were discarded. V.O.B had extra vocalists that didn’t really fit in. So a side band was formed to explore different ideas in rock.

Through Culture Horizon the possibility became limitless. Thus the difference between each song that has been released and is yet to be released. It’s simply finding a ground root in African rock so that the music isn’t too western any more like any other African rock band. Culture Horizon is trying to embrace and encourage African rock stars to not just imitate Western music but to create our own and love it.

The lead vocalist is Purity Nnigi but the tracks out already were done by Gloria Sangwa. Colbert Akunga is holding the lead guitar while Christian handles the rhythm guitar. George Atsula is responsible for the drums.

To listen to their songs, click HERE


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