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Took a while but we finally managed to pin these guys down. You probably do not know this folks, but AudioInferno has tacked down the progress of DevilSpeak well before they even had their first single Violently Leading the Blind out a while back (If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s the link to it.) We know what the band sounds like so why not get to hear from them. The best bit out this interview here is we got all (well, almost all) the band members to talk with us: You have any idea how insanely rare that is? It’s like waiting on Hailey’s Comment to pass by and you don’t get to see that for 86 years so year… close enough.

As you know or may not know, DevilSpeak is a Death/Thrash Metal band hailing from crazy Cape Town (I should visit sometime.) Band members include Derrick Leppan (Bass) Dewet Loots (Guitar) Azaliyah Bester (Guitar) Francois Meyer (Drums) Jarred Williams (Vocals.) A tight-knit band who’ve supported us countless times over. We appreciate them here at AudioInferno…


AudioInferno: Pleasantries aside guys, we’ll jump right into it here. Now we know you guys have played with bands already, alongside established bands too, they also speak well of you guys, tell us what that was like?


Azaliyah: We love their music, and they love ours, and we generally support each other. We are always ready to support the other bands, and they support us as well. To have the opportunity to be recognized and respected for the music we make isn’t a common thing, and I’m just glad I can share the stage with like-minded people.

Jarred: Everybody in the bands that we have met and played with have been really awesome.

Francois: It’s been good yes.

Derrick: We’ve been fortunate to have played gigs with great line-ups which has been sweet.

I have had the chance to interview a lot of bands especially from South Africa and I think their strongest features is the way they support each other. They never see it as a competition but a common ground where all bands are equal. A lot of bands in Africa can learn a thing or two from this here.

AudioInferno: WINTERFEST 2015, tell us about that and your performance on the big stage.


Azaliyah: It was definitely a milestone for me, it has been my goal for over 7 years to play that show, which finally came to fruition. It still gives me chills up and down my spine just seeing all those heads banging up and down. It will go down as one of the favourite nights of my life. The actual performance was pretty tight but I think I bumped my head on Dev’s headstock but luckily I recovered without messing up the song.

Jarred: It was a big surprise to be considered and an honour to get to play Winterfest ’15

Francois: I think it was our best performance as of yet

Derrick: The production values, sound & backline crew were all superb which made us very comfortable and be able to have a lot of fun during our performance.  The crowd was amazing as well and we were happy to see so many people there to watch us.


Winterfest 2015 was DevilSpeak’s first big stage performance. Getting called to perform at the event was more than an honour for them. I heard stories of melting faces and so. It was an event… that I missed. Gosh!!!!

AudioInferno: So, do you guys tour or it’s just gig after gig in the same area? Seeing as we’re on the topic of touring, do you guys plan in touring the continent any times soon? You know you have to come to Nigeria don’t you?


Azaliyah: We have done a show called Geraas Plaas just outside a little town called Albertinia and we do plan on playing shows across the country from major cities to the smaller towns. And we will be spreading our Capetonian metal sound far and wide until everyone hears our message.

Jarred: I do believe we will be touring South Africa next year, Nigeria seems out of reach though, but if the opportunity arises you would see us there in a heartbeat, no doubt.

Francois: So far we are playing what’s coming our way and we would love to play outside of Cape Town.

Derrick: We’re a young band still finding its place on the scene and paying our dues. Playing shows in the same area is part of that all I think.

I make it a habit to surprise bands I interview with the possibility of touring Nigeria. In the Rock music scene Nigeria still wears the training wheels. We have people making a serious effort to show the continent that there’s a black nation in West Africa that loves this kind of music also. Things are slow but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t having a blast while we journey to the tag “a rock music nation.”

AudioInferno: Now, a question that we feel folks will be curious about, the name “DevilSpeak” we figured not too many people would be enthused about the name, so, how many times do you guys get bashed for the name?


Azaliyah: There’s a mountain right next to Table Mountain called Devil’s Peak. All Capetonians know about it so it was a play on words with our mountains’ name and DevilSpeak. We couldn’t really care what anyone has to say about it. I know a lot of my colleagues and family members felt a bit weird knowing my band is called DevilSpeak but it represents our sound perfectly.

Jarred: The name is inspired by the Devil’s Peak Mountain in Cape Town and the stories around it.

Francois: We’re a Death Metal band and the name also fits.

Derrick: We haven’t been bashed for the name much yet to be honest. People seem to like it more than anything else.

Dev: I love it!


I can almost hear people going “oh so that’s it huh? That’s why it isn’t DevilSpeaks but DevilSpeak.” It’s brilliant if you ask me. A decent conversation piece about the band right there. And so finally I asked…

AudioInferno: Tell the good folks out there reading this how to be a break through act and keep up that pace.


We will tell you once we get to that point.

Honest there! That’s all the band had to say, they were even generous enough to grace us (all) with the lyrical video of their single Violently Leading the Blind. I’ve always known the lyrics and for long that felt empowering till they made this video available, ugh!

For more and anything DevilSpeak, you’re at the right place.

(Note: Photo credits due to the photographer(s) images taken from band’s Facebook page.)


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