Do you know the Botswana band Metal Orizon?

Metal Orizon is one of the oldest bands in Botswana. They were formed in 1990 in Gaborone, Botswana by the late Jarona Spencer Sekwababe(R.I.P.) and Bophelo Santos Thabakgolo.

Bophelo Santos Thabakgolo.

It is an Afro metal band which incorporates traditional African rhythms with Western influence riffs to create their own unique sound. The band toured extensively in Botswana during its early years, touching every corner of the country and planting the seed of rock music like veld fires. Metal Orizon footprints can also be discovered in South Africa where they have toured extensively between 1995 and 2003 covering Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Mayortown.

They shared the stage with SA big bands such as Groinchurn, Sacrifist, Anarchy, Agro, Sacriphix, Karen Zoid etc. Due to this hard work, commitment, and discipline, Metal Orizon attracted attention from many quarters both locally and in the international scene during its haydays because of its unique sound and passion to promote rock music from Botswana. This prompted several media houses both print and broadcast to conduct interviews to seek information from the band on what they are and what their music stands for. They did interviews and had airplay with South African 5 FM, Tuks FM, HIGHVELD Stereo, Ferrowmetal MW and other college radios and E-TV breakfast show.

The Band has also performed in South African annual festivals like Woodstock and Oppikoppi where audience and fans were able to know and learn about the band’s unique sound.

According to them: 

The band is now mature to penetrate overseas/international market and we are seeking for any good deal to expose us to the world which never thought of African rock music.

Metal Orizon had launched an annual beneficial rock against Aids festival which involved bands from South Africa and the money is given to HIV/Aids non governmental agencies. Metal Orison is unsigned and has released its albums through In house Label (Afro Angel Records).

The band consists of Dumisani Matiha(ntwa dumela) on Guitars and Vocals, Gabriel Rampefe on guitars, Santos Thabakgolo on Bass, Selaelo Slaezah Selaelo on drums. They have released two albums independently which sold well in Botswana as well as other Southern African countries (South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Zambia Swaziland, Zimbabwe to mention a few). The first album Ancestral Blessing was released in 1999 and second album Myopic Enslavement in 2001.

In early 2003 Metal Orizon entered CSR studio’s in Johannesburg, South Africa to record their self-titled album. With the recording complete, nine months later, Spencer passed on. It is for this reason that the album has been entitled Metal Orizon.

The album was dedicated to the co-founder, lead guitarist, vocalist and their brother, the late Jarona Sekwababwe. He was a very strong team player, a highly talented and motivated man who always striven for perfection. They wanted to honor his dedication to the band over the years. When Spencer passed on, he had finished recording the guitars, vocals, final mixing and mastering on this project. May his soul rest in peace!

Amen! so Metal Orizon have started recording their 4th album, stay tuned to AudioInferno for more news about them and we are going to be asking them about the rock scene in Botswana.


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