1LastAutograph Lose their Guitarist, plan to release EP

A Rock Festival without a band like 1LastAutograph? A lot of people have asked why the band wasn’t at the recently concluded RocktoberFest 2015. Well there are a shit ton of reasons, and from what we gathered part of the reason has to do majorly with the band’s guitarist, Psalm heading to Cyprus to study for a bit, questions have surfaced…

Who will replace Psalm?

While Psalm leaving to further his studies is not a sad thing, the band losing him is. I’ve had the pleasure of jamming with him, great guy, good guitarist. Chances are the band won’t need to take long securing a guitarist, with a talented cast, we expect people trooping in to sign up.

In a different news, the band also released the song list to their EP title Sickle Cell Amnesia coming out November 19, exciting times really. With the heartbreak of Psalm leaving for Cyprus, the EP will serve as a form of compensation to the fans of the band. Who knows there might be a change in direction with a new guitarist coming in, new sounds maybe, perhaps a change in genre?

If you feel as a guitarist you’re up to the task of playing with 1LastAutograph then contact them using the number below:

+234 902 178 9371

Or you could reach them on their Facebook Page too, be sure to follow them also. You could also forward your application to:


The future of the band may not be clear but don’t write them off, having an EP is exciting enough so we will look forward to that there.

(Picture taken from band’s Facebook page)


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