RockRegister: The Database We Always Wanted

RockRegister. If you haven’t heard about it as a Rock music fan in Nigeria then shame on you. I say that to make you feel bad. But then again, if you haven’t heard about it and you’re reading this then you’re at the right place, congratulations.

The idea behind RockRegister is simple enough: it’s a database of Rock fans in Nigeria. You go on the site and register your name, your nickname, Twitter name, and your preferred band or bands. Now what’s really cool about it is, you get to see what other people like and you also get to link up with them if they share the same love of genre as you do. It’s a simple logic but an effective linking logic and naturally, AudioInferno is interested in the set up, why? Well, where you have people in a database, we have a “target audience.”


The creators of this here tool (as I like to call it) are none other than RockstreamNG. The one and the same. As far back as we can remember they’ve fronted a lot of effort to push Rock music in Nigeria, even starting a podcast way back (a personal influence of mine.) Their goals with RockRegister are certain and ambitious; to have an established Rock community here in Nigeria, keep track of Rock music lovers in Nigeria also among many other things. Now it has to be noted here, even though RockRegister is the brainchild of RockstreamNG, they don’t want the country to see it as “their own,” according to them, it’s for the fans. By that, it seems to me they did it for the passion and the need to link people together. Noble!

We here at AudioInferno say “go register” I already did and I’m looking it up constantly to see who likes Slayer too! Here’s a link to the site, I’ll be seeing you there folks and, it’s fair to assume if we are writing about it here then it’s not only limited to Nigeria so come on Africa, go register!


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