South African Goth Metal band Terminatryx joins FANGORIA Musick!

South African Metal band Terminatryx have joined Fangoria Musick. Terminatry were our band of the week. Check out those posts HERE & HERE. Their press release is below:

Here at FANGORIA Musick, we’re always on the prowl to find the most unique and visceral voices around the world to fill our wicked roster. However, we’ve never quite had anyone quite like Terminatryx, the kick-ass South African metal machine with a haunting Gothic flavor to their sordid symphonies. However, when the opportunity arose to bring Terminatryx aboard the FANGORIA Musick family in time for their 13th anniversary, we leapt at the opportunity to enlist the eerie outfit.

Made up of Sonja Ruppersberg on lead vocals, Paul Blom on Guitars/Bass/Synths, Patrick Davidson on Guitar and Ronnie Belcher on Drums, the first FANGORIA Musick release for Terminatryx will be LUCKY 13: ANTHOLOGY 1, a compilation of the band’s top tracks from their three previously released albums that span their 13-year history.

The album will be released on Friday, November 13th.

Source: Announcement: Terminatryx joins FANGORIA Musick! | FANGORIA®

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