Mauritius band Millennium drop final version of Never Look Back

Millennium is back again with Never look back. It’s a cool Nu Metal track with an electro beat. When I first listened to the Never Look Back teaser, I was like where is the vocals cuz the beat was dope yo

Good news, the vocals have been added so listen to it below.


Listened right?

Never Look Back is from their upcoming album Memories Are Golden and it took them between 3 weeks to a month to record and fully master the track.

So I spoke to Riley, the band’s face.


Yes, that dude up there

Austin Of AudioInferno: For this lovely track, where did you draw your lyrical inspiration from?

Riley Of Millennium:

From my experience. It’s all about never giving up on life, never looking back on past mistakes. Doing whatever it takes to achieve your dream even thought life’s getting hard along the way.

AI: Who wrote the lyrics and the music?

Brian Stone (our pianist) and I wrote it together. I wrote the music but everyone in the band helped in its completion while bringing new ideas.
AI: where was this song produced?
Actually we produce our own songs. The local studio is just where we meet rehearse and record. The studio doesn’t have a name it’s just a cheap place where we all can meet up. Most of the equipment are ours.

Keep rocking and stay tuned to AudioInferno for their other track which will be released soon.

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