Check out the rock cover for Di’Ja’s “Awww” by Kachi

Cover art

Cover art

More and more rock covers of popular Nigerian songs are beginning to appear all over the place and we feel this is great for the scene. People are very likely to pay more attention to rock if they hear something they can immediately relate to. This is exactly why we are excited by this particular song produced by Kachi Mozie, a Jos-based rock producer. It features the vocals of Oak (real name: Aisha Madaki) and it’s as great as you would expect. Here’s the press release:

“Awww” by popular Nigerian singer, Di’Ja is currently hot on Nigerian radio and is, like all things Nigerian, fast spreading across Africa.

This recording, produced by Kachi, a Jos-based music producer featuring Oak (real Name Aisha Madaki), a phenomenally talented (also Jos-based) singer brings a different twist to the song. It effectively fuses the soul of “Naija” radio hits with full-blown, head banging rock.

Listen to the song HERE and tell us what you think.

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