AudioInferno Podcast Episode 25

I should probably celebrate our twenty-fifth episode… there, I already celebrated it. There was cake and you missed it a millisecond ago. Where were you? But seriously it’s a pretty big deal having this here, episode twenty-five. Yay us, and the good folks who keep asking me to put these things up. Now while we were out (of podcast to put up) there was the RocktoberFest 2015 which I heard was a real rager (no real word, TRADEMARKED!!!!) We got pictures to back that up too. If you missed it then it sucks to be you, will be looking to catch the very next one too, hopefully I’ll be back home by then. Moving on then, here are the songs on the podcast today:

  1. Skeletons of Society –by- Slayer
  2. Bury Your Fallen Dreams –by- Last Year’s Tragedy
  3. I Dey Feel You Die –by- Dark Suburb
  4. Curse by Binding and Slaughter –by- Thread Of Omen
  5. Underverse –by- Boargazm
  6. Because Fuck You –by- Solarburn
  7. Shadow –by- Terminatryx

Watch out for the band Solarburn there, Sweet band from Pittsburgh here. Had to feature them on the podcast, they are worth the listen too. As always, an insane collection of songs here. Feel free to look all these bands up. We suggest you do.

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