Nigerian rocker Uchman drops his latest single!


Nigerian rocker, Uchman has released his latest single titled Ese (Your Love Is Enough) with production by the always excellent Atta Lenell. Atta seems to be on a winning streak with his last two productions which have set the bar high for the other rock producers around the country. Hope they’re taking notice. Champion by Phrance was a great and this song by the awesome talent that is Uchman is just as good. Well done!

The song itself is very catchy with blends of pop and pop rock mixed with very light Gospel vibes with a dash of the original Yoruba song. The quality of rock music coming out of Nigeria is getting better and we here at AudioInferno are very excited about the future. Here’s what Uchman had to say about the song:

God’s love for you and me is amazing. It’s steady, unchanging and we can rely on it regardless of the storms, trials and fears we face in our lives. When we embrace this Love, we get taken into a whole new world of fulfilment, of rest and uttermost satisfaction, and that’s what this song is about. If you grew up in a Yoruba church like I did, you’d be able to sing along in the chorus. So feel free to hit the download button

You heard the man! Hit that download button and enjoy this awesome tune.


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