Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Lana Hart from Millennium

Your usual Thursday Thoughts with your favourite artiste is here, preparing for the weekend. Today we’re catching up with Lana Hart from Mauritius band, Millennium. These are her favourite and most influential videos. Check them out below.


Bring Me The Horizon – Throne

The video features some creepy and surreal imagery, along with part of what seems to be a demonic nightmare. I’ve always been fascinated by surrealism and horror, I never get enough of this obsession. I embrace heart throbbing fear.

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

I love the way her restless soul escapes from her body during sleep, and wanders around to find peace from the one she yearns for.

Evanescence – Going Under

Amy Lee projects the image of her being unbearably pressurised through her demonized audience and asphyxiation in drowning water. It clearly expresses her wrath and desire for revenge, and I love it.

Black Veil Brides – Knives & Pens

This video shows an ‘Emo’ kid fighting against bullying, which is crucial since it is a serious issue worldwide. Not everyone has the courage to struggle against it. This may raise awareness among victims of bullying.

T.A.T.u – All The Things She Said

The video projects the image of 2 lesbians bravely embracing their homosexuality, despite all the dirty stares they get from the wider society. It represents the symbolism of true love.

So next is Francois Meyer from DevilSpeak!


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