Playlist: The Monday You Hate So Much


I hate Mondays. Everyone says that huh? To tell you the truth I am super indifferent about Mondays. It feels like Tuesday to me or Wednesday. Or the other day after that, what’s it called again, Friday? Either way, we know a ton of you guys hate Mondays, usually because you have some insane hangover to nurse of your boss keeps riding you hard. Or because you have some projects due? If you’re in this bracket then boy you aren’t happy yes, no? Steep! Don’t feel too bad though, Skippy Duran here has the playlist made just for you, yes, you pointing to yourself as you read this here. This here’s for you so cheer up and avoid eye contact with your boss while listening or watching these songs/videos, comport yourself properly, look over your shoulder, the coast is super clear, DIVE IN!!!!!!

Just Beneath the Surface (Reprise) by Dawes


I Dey Feel You Die by Dark Suburb (Ghana)


Filhos Dessa Luta by M’VULA (Angola)


Evidence by Prime Circle (South Africa)


Be Nice To The People “Full Album 1976” by Question Mark

Bet you didn’t see the last one coming huh did ya? Turns out there was a Psychedelic Rock Music scene in Nigeria this one time in the 70s. This here provides evidence to a theory I have about the music scene in Nigeria. Be expecting an article on that super soon. Hope you folks like the Monday playlist. Let us know which you like most here, I know my fav already. Have a better Monday than the other horrid ones!!!!


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