(Song Review) Ese (Your Love Is Enough) by Uchman

For the first time, I will be writing a review without being told to do so because I think I really like this song and want you all to give it a listen. Yes ESE by UCHMAN is a good song. Anyway, I’ve been busy with….stuff so I haven’t really had time to settle down and give AudioInferno my all, so, forgive me.


I can’t really say what band this song reminds me of. I’m thinking Angels and Airwaves meets Switchfoot. There’s just this ambience that kicks in when the song starts up. Then the chorus kicks in and I realize that I know the song. It’s basically an alternative rock rendition of a popular praise and worship chorus that’s sung here in Nigeria. The down tempo section just before the second verse gives the track this atmospheric feel that just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The last chorus comes around and is followed by the usual repeated bridge and then just vocals, then the ambience kicks in again. “Your Love is enough for me…is enough for me…” then… Silence. And boom the song is over. Now I will be real, I’m kinda still riding the excitement wave. You know, the “THIS SONG IS AMAZING” wave. So pardon me if I don’t put butchers knife to cutting board on this review.




I will say that, while the instruments might not be mind numbing amazing, it gets a pass. I give it a pass because they were well-played and there didn’t seem to be any hiccups with the instruments. One great thing in this song is the production. It is on point! I can hear EVERY instrument. Every single one! A lot of times, with rock and metal songs, in the name of good clean production, instruments get drowned out, sometimes (especially the bass…and the bass is an amazing instrument when it’s handled well) but that’s not the case here. The instruments come together so well, I’m genuinely impressed. It’s nice to see that the rock scene here is picking up the slack and working on the poor production cliché. This melding of instruments is the major reason I have to give the “simplicity” of the riffs and stuff a pass. But for real, the riffs are not that simple. In fact, I’d say that this song can be defined by “beauty in simplicity”. they take the basic stuff and do something great with it.

Finally, the main reason this song impressed me is the fact that, contemporary Christian Rock doesn’t really float my boat. Christian Hard Rock, sure. Christian Metal, why not? However, contemporary just feels off. Now I know that’s weird but it’s the truth. In this case, however, probably for the first time, I find myself LIKING a contemporary rock type song. Sure it has a bit of alternative with some electronic elements here and there but the lyrics feel so contemporary especially since I know the song from church services I attend. I have to give him props for that. So, for those who like their rock angry and/or aggressive and/or free of “pro-religious undertones/overtones”, you might not like it. However, I still say you should try it. For the rest of the citizens of Nigeria, and the World, give it a whirl please! I am 73% sure you’ll like the song, maybe even love it. It’s not a perfect song but, it’s got me thinking that a collection of rock renditions of Nigerian praise and worships choruses might be a very cool idea. If they can be as good as THIS.

I’m out.

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