5 things you didn’t know about Lord Spikeheart of LOADB

Martin Kanja of Lust Of A Dying Breed is Lord Spikeheart. Brutal name, huh? They are all lords in the band. His Government name don’t apply in the metal sphere!

According to Martin, the reason for this name is:

It is my true name, it means that I that is Spikeheart have the lord that is God with me, our partnership, of God and man in one, LORD and SPIKEHEART, Lord Spikeheart. I Am.


I have decided to start writing 5 things about various artists and bands as a way of us to get to know these people better. It helps connect with them and shows us how they’re just normal people like us that understand how to play wicked riffs! I’m sure our readers from all over Africa and the World will be interested in this facts. Anyway, to the list!


  1. Martin Kanja worked as a shoe salesman in a shoe store called Bata Shoes for 8 Months until he quit and never came back for pay.
  2. He got on stage for the first time when he was in nursery school at age 5.
  3. Martin Kanja has been arrested before!
  4. Martin Kanja can play the Violin, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Harp, Drums, Synth , Lyre, Nyatiti ( A Stringed Instrument From Western Kenya), in addition to the Satyr, an old Indian string instrument.
  5. Martin Kanja has Egyptian roots in his bloodline along with a mixture Of Kenyan and Maasai blood.

So word reaching us here at the AudioInferno that there is another Lord joining up with Lust Of a Dying Breed. He is LordBloodlust, I haven’t heard him but I know worlds will be divided, necks will be broken, bones will be smashed when Pyramid Entity  (their net project) comes out. The 2 lords will input their all and output some sick tunes!

You have to listen to LordSpikeheart and see the sickness im telling you about

Don’t blame me, I dig the jam.


You see that! I’m superkeen for Pyramid Entity already.

So I am using this opportunity to welcome LordBloodlust to Lust of a dying breed, divide the worlds!


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