Band of the week: The Drift

the drift

The Drift!!!

I was just surfing some time ago and I saw Darkest Hour is touring South Africa and noticed The Drift also performing with them and I said to my otherself  ‘Why haven’t I heard about this band?’ so I decided to find out more!

*researches and made some contacts*

The Drift is composed of some Johannesburg rockers namely:

Drums, Vocals – Hannes Matthysen
Guitars – Jason Giacoppo
Lead Vocals – Louis du Pisani
Guitars, Vocals – Stefan Stabic

Ain’t seeing any bass player

Chris Preyser

Chris Preyser

So AudioInferno is welcoming him to the band as the official bass player for The Drift

Yeah \m/

Moving on

These guys have been in the South African scene for three years and counting now and they ALREADY have 2 albums out! That’s awesome and I appreciate the hard work these guys have put in.

The Drift:

It takes years, and it all came down a difficult road. But no matter, because through our experiences in the South African underground music scene we’ve all learnt one bloody thing. As long as you are prepared to put it all in, and expect nothing in return – then you may just get somewhere, knowing full well that could be nowhere.

Nice encouraging words there

They played with Lamb of God during their South Africa tour in January 2014, as well as playing with Unearth, Protest the Hero, Wolfmother, Affiance and embarking on a national tour with Dreamshade!

the drift

You can see the crowd hailing and going gaga, believe me that is how it is supposed to be, I am sure they formed a circle and started doing back-flips and did some kicking, too bad I wasn’t there but we at AudioInferno Towers are going to be gracing the South African scene soonest.

I’m sure when you hear Omerta, Redneck or Hourglass by Lamb of God, I’m sure some nuts are loosened from your brain, at least, they are in mine. (Editor’s Note: Aha! You’ve got screws loose in your head! Always suspected…) When it’s now coupled with The Drift, it’s awesome.


Randy Blythe in the middle with members of The Drift

So let’s get to know what they sound like

Hunted official video from The Mountains 2015 album. Technical and enjoyable drumming with a groove metal riffing style. Inaudible bass playing follows the rhythm guitar riffs. Riffing and chugging at the end was cool. Crazy video here

This song is pretty consistent and fast moving, its decent, and was initially too repetitive, but wasn’t too long. The beats and fast lead riffs sound quite cool. It breaks out of their usual down tuned power chord riff pattern. The instruments play various riffs that delivers a certain amount of heaviness and that guitar solo was just the highlight of this track.Pretty lekker stoned video there

Heavy vocals as usual, razor-sharp guitar riffing, blasting drumming and roaring vocals though sacrifices opportunity for continued progression for playing it safe.

Few moments of non-distorted clean guitar playing, shine through the loud distortion and riffage, it also has this atmospheric dark guitar passages that provide a welcome change of pace

Their latest video, there is some cool melodic riffage initially, the vocals are heavy and raspy, giving the song a slightly more brutal feel. I think the vocalist is good. The music basically stayed the same, but each part has a variation of the main/intro riff. It tends to slow down at some point almost like a breakdown.

So I guess that’s it, The Drift is our Band of the week, listen to them via SoundCloud.

Enjoy your week by drifting down the road at top speed! (Editor’s Note: Please don’t. Follow your local speed limits)


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