Egyptian band Enraged release new song!



Egyptian band Enraged have released their new single titled Curtains Of Conformity and it’s great. Then again, this is not much of a surprise as we know how talented this band is. The track is off their upcoming album titled Jahr. Be on the lookout for that when it drops. This particular song opens up with their usual haunting style before their unique sound kicks in. Damn! I love this stuff, and I don’t normally even listen to Heavy Metal. The riff right before the final chorus just gets to me. Ah!


Here’s what they had to say about it:

The track is straightforward heavy metal. The emphasis is on heavy drumming and guitar riffage. The track’s structure is meant to be simple to offer a 4 minute + head-banging experience. At the same time, we wanted to highlight Rasha’s abilities to perform on an edgy and heavy track since it seems that female vocals are expected to fall into very strict categories. Of course, being Enraged, we also wanted the keyboard to provide some ambiance which is what separates our approach to heavy metal, besides the female vocals, from some other heavy metal bands. Lyrically, the track is very political. It scrutinizes military and theocratic ruling systems which is consistent with the title of the album “Jahr” which literally means “coming out”. We wanted to “come out” with our perceptions of what is going on in Egypt’s political life.

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