Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Nicholas Swanepoel of Insomniac Diaries

Hey, there! It’s Thursday and we caught up with another rocker to ask what their favourite/most influential music videos are. It’s Nicholas Swanepoel from the always epic Insomniac Diaries all the way from South Africa!

Nicholas Swanepoel

My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words
I really love this music video because it’s set in this fiery carnival sort of background but what is the big winner for me is that these guys put so much passion into their music and you visually see it here. The passion and emotion goes wild here. Love it.
Slipknot – Psychosocial
This music video is set in what looks like a creepy American farm , with large burning costume heads on sticks and tons of tall grass, with the band performing in the middle of it all. The camera work and visuals add so nicely to the vibe of the song and do it tons of justice, and the performance by the band again, is just so passionate. A dark but energetic music video.
Cattle Decapitation – Your Disposal
This music video sure is a very strange one. This video comes at you with a strong message, one that’s rather strict and very much thought about. This video kind of dictates how easily life is made, how easily it can be taken away but also expresses the fact that humans forget who and what they are, are quick to forget their humanity and the value of a life.
Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine
This song is as beautiful as it is dark. This video depicts the story, the climaxes and the meaning of this song so well that it’s quite a thrill to watch. Even though its one of Cradle’s slower and more gentle tracks, its one full of depth, beautiful melody and darkness. Perfect music video.
Five Finger Death Punch – Remember Everything
This song is amazing. Again, it’s a slower track from this band, but damn does it make you feel. The video for Remember everything is one of those videos that can make you think about the way you go about life and how you treat your family and friends. This song pretty much follows a man from his birth, to his death…visualising his life but also taking you through his actual life. I wont tell you what happens further, but its a music video that can easily bring the strongest people to tears. I highly recommend it.

There you have you have it! Thanks Nicholas for going real deep into details. This was a great selection of songs and I particularly like Cattle Decapitation.

Anyway, till next week! Enjoy the rest of your day and stick to AudioInferno.


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