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Last week we mentioned that Nigerian rocker Dannas intended to drop his début single All I Need. Well, it’s here. I’m pretty impressed. For a début, it’s a great start and we look forward to what he has planned down the line. What particularly interested me is his vocals, while he’s singing in English and the song is fairly standard for the Nigerian rock scene, his voice is distinctly Nigerian. What I mean is, I could instantly tell this was a Nigerian on vocals. This is a good thing especially if he’s going to stand apart from the growing crowd (Side note: How awesome is that? When we started, there were barely 10 active Nigerian bands/acts. Now they’re more than 20! Progress!). I would be interested in hearing a track from him with a more Nigerian vibe. Be expecting a more detailed review on this track in the coming days. This song is produced by Coldflames and it’s great. The notorious “Coldflames Beats” didn’t make an appearance 😀 . Just joking! We love you, Coldflames!

Dannas All I Need

Here’s the press release for the song:

Dannas’s Debut Single “All I Need” Produced by Coldflames, is an anthem for anyone who misses their significant other, when they are separated for any reason and find the need for an endless re-union. The verses were purposefully written with the simplest of words, to enable an easy grip and understanding by all level of listeners. Amazingly, all I need was the first ever written and completed song by Dannas, and holds a special place, in terms of the reflection of crude feelings that accompanied his early writing days.

OK, enough suspense! Go listen to the song Here and watch the lyric video Here. Remember to support your local rock acts/bands!

Rock on \m/

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