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We like hearing about new bands especially those based here in our dear country, Nigeria. As the scene currently is, a majority of the bands are Christian and church inclined. This is not a bad thing, we just feel it kind of limits a lot of the potential of these bands. That being said, I like this group, they combine hip-hop, pop rock and traditional Nigerian Christian worship pretty well. Considering this is their first track, I see a lot of potential for improvement. This is good music. The various elements have a lot of potential for catching one’s attention and holding it especially for the average Nigerian that typically doesn’t listen to rock.

The band comprises of four guys – Ife (Vocals, Piano, Guitar, and Drums), Timi (Vocals, Piano, and Guitar), Iyke (Vocals, Drums) and Tobi (Vocals, Guitar). They met in school, Babcock University, where their mutual love for music caused them to create a group for an event at a church, consequently resulting in their first composed song, this was back in January, 2012.

Here’s what they had to say about their motivations and the style of music they do:


We are a pop rock band,  consisting of four Christian boys and we’re full-blown Nigerians. We try our best to be real and say things as they are in a manner that some would refer to as diplomatic – we’re idealistic like that, but that doesn’t make it any less of our truth. You could call us romantic idealists.
Our choice of genre is not something that is common or respected in our country at least  not consciously. People love rock music but they don’t just know it( if you think I don’t know what I’m saying concerning this, just go to church and watch people’s response when the choir starts singing “doh doh doh oghene doh”). We’re going to teach them what it is and that they actually like it.

Love the confidence. Please teach away guys. That’s the spirit. We need more Nigerians listening to rock! Anyway, listen to their song:

Nice, right? And that ladies and gentlemen, is RepJ360. Welcome guys!

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Rock on \m/

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