(Song Review) Awww (Rock Cover) feat. Oak by Greyscale Music

Cover art

Cover art

I’ll be real with y’all, I’m not big on Afro pop. So I don’t usually know the songs by their titles or their artists or both. However, I always know the songs when I hear them again. They catchy like that. So, yeah, when I saw that this was a rock cover I wondered “Do I know this song?” and alas, I did know the song. Yay! This is the rock cover of Dija’s Awww. It’s by Kachi featuring Oak. Kachi Mozie is a music producer based in Jos.

If you have not heard the song yet, then you’re wrong! Listen to it HERE

So from the opening riff, I knew what song it was. Kicks off with a punk rock vibe then hits this piano laced ambient section at the beginning of the first verse. Then the punk comes back before hitting the bridge. Then the piano section comes back at the chorus. So there’s piano along with the punk vibe in the chorus. The second verse didn’t get the whole piano mostly thing that went down in the first verse. Then the last verse kicks in and then the final chorus comes up again.

Pretty basic stuff. Well not basic, just okay. Let me explain. I will give Kachi one thing, the song’s production is really spot on. I can hear all the instruments. Especially the bass, which most times doesn’t get a lot of “screen time” so to speak. I mean, it’s always there but because of how the mixing and mastering are done, the bass gets drowned out by all them guitar riffs. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen, especially for well produced songs. Speaking of, the production in the song is pretty spot on. I was actually surprised. In addition, there being two guitar parts and all was pretty okay.

Although I did notice something kind of odd. Not bad, just odd. You see the lead and rhythm guitars were not as loud as the bass. It felt a little like the bass was drowning the “punk rock-ness” of the amplified, slightly distorted guitars. Makes me wonder if they were attempting to make the song “not so loud”. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a wicked bass riff that just blows everyone’s minds but this just felt a little off. Another thing that the dominating bass did was make everything sound a bit too clean. The instruments didn’t feel very organic.

Then there’s this one thing I noticed. The punk rock feel felt like it was competing with the alternative/contemporary aura of the song. Like the sound is not sure what it wants to be. I might be wrong on this part, but it’s just something I felt. The punk vibe wasn’t PUNK enough.

I will be honest, this song might not be on repeat on my playlist but I hear a lot of potential in here. I feel that the effort used to cover this song would have been better spent writing and dropping an original jam. For real, Oak’s voice isn’t half bad, at all. I’d like to hear her sing an original jam. However, I get why a cover can be hit or miss especially when it comes to songs of different genres. It’s hard to try to capture the essence of the original song or give it a new kind of energy when you’re travelling across the spectrum of genres. It’s not a bad song, it’s just that some might feel the only thing that makes the song memorable is the original.

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