History of Metal in One Video

Here we are, alive, kicking and putting nose to grindstone for that paper. It’s Black Friday. I don’t know about you but I’ve scouted Amazon etc. for deals on things I have procrastinated on buying since 2012. I might just buy that Yamaha RX-V677…

Don’t look at me like that. Y’all procrastinate, too.

Side-note: Imagine there being a Black Metal festival today on BLACK FRIDAY. Huh? Get it? Of course, you do.

I am here with a video. One of those “Hello humans, here’s the difference between blah sub genre and blah sub genre.”. Oh, but I like this one. I think this particular video captures the energy of the various sub-genres. Plus, it’s wicked-awesome to hear the portion with your favourite sub genre.

I tend to notice patterns over time, so figuring out which genre was which wasn’t so hard for me. And I know there are people out there who don’t care any more and just enjoy the music as it comes. However, some are still curious. So to all those who are still curious, this video is for you.

So now, I know some of y’all are going watch this and be like “where’s Southern Metal/Technical Death Metal (actually this is kinda like progressive death, which is fusion of progressive and death metal ) Oh, where’s post hardcore/hardcore-punk/deathcore?”

Well, sorry about that. There’s probably, literally hundreds of sub-genres especially if you count every little genre that originated from the fusion of others. It’ll just be a cluster bomb of stuff that sounds similar and at the same time doesn’t so…

Just watch the video AGAIN AND AGAIN. Educate yourself. And be METAL!!! \m/

*Insert Cowboys From Hell riff here*

Peace ‘UUUUT!!


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