1LastAutograph Release their EP “Sickle Cell Amnesia”

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There’s this growing fear that Nigeria won’t make a mark on the Rock music scene until someone makes a Metal album or anything that relates to Metal, even remotely. While I can understand why there’s talk like that, I don’t think Nigeria’s Rock music stance depends on having Metal acts or Hardcore, Post or whatever come out of hiding (I used to think so before admittedly). As far as I see it, consistency will be what puts this country on the Rock music scene. I wrote a post this one time about how singles are great but EPs or albums are better. You can read that here. Seems like 1LastAutograph read that post. If they didn’t then boo hoo to me there then. It’s no secret the band has been all low-key. Even missing the very first Rock festival in Nigeria. A lot of folks wanted to see them play live, many folks were disappointed they didn’t show up. I don’t think that affected RocktoberFest 2015 but I’m sure their presence would have made the show even better.


The band did say (to us) they won’t be showing up so we assumed they had a seriously good reason for that (we kinda knew why actually.) The band was working on their EP and they also lost their guitarist Psalm, who had to go school in Cyprus. It’s kinda hard to find a replacement guitarist quick you know. Both valid reasons if asked so all was forgiven. We here at AudioInferno had hopes for the EP (which was also delayed a couple of days back)  would be worthy to show Africa. Well, I will leave that to the review.

I’ll be taking full charge of that.

12274458_1669013363374025_6054214137944167849_nSickle Cell Amnesia ISNT a Metal EP. If this is a problem to you then you might have to wait a bit for a Metal band (I mean a Metal band that wears that tag) to come out of Nigeria, this is a (as far as my ears can tell) Post-Hardcore EP which is what in my opinion 1LastAutograph is, a Post-Hardcore band, however there is a song in there that IS Metalcore and I guarantee it’ll be everyone’s favourite track from the EP . The band has shown flexibility in the past and they are capable of playing different genres of Rock which can only be considered an advantage to them, versatility pays if you plan on getting your fans guessing. The EP has 4 tracks, one very familiar to everyone and the other three are new. So with that said you have 3 new songs to like or not by 1LastAutograph. You’ve heard me babble for way too long, enjoy the EP, Sickle Cell Amnesia by 1LastAutograph.

Listen to the EP and you can download the individual songs in the download links or everything as a zip HERE. Leave a comment in the comment section people and let us know what you feel about this here. Watch out for the review coming out this week, too.


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