Introducing South African band Tracers

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the Tracers’ EP launch this last Friday at which they launched their début EP titled The Comedown. I love attending anything rock to show my support. Oh, well. At least, I used the opportunity to polish my flame-thrower while listening to Whitechapel.

That aside, if you are into indie and stadium rock, Tracers is for you. If you’re not, they’re still for you! They hail all the way from South Africa. They’re young and talented and ready to show the world what they’ve got. We like their spunk and are always excited when we see new bands.

Tracers is a colourful Cape Town based Pop/ Rock band consisting of:

TG Pool (20 – rhythm guitar, lead vocals, percussion)
Joshua Richter (21 – lead guitar, vocals)
Jan van Biljon (21 – bass guitar)

Prior to forming Tracers, all three members studied music during their high school careers and individually participated in high school talent shows, battle of the bands, random local shows and even funerals. Though growing up in the same area, their joint passion and love for music brought them together.

Tracers’ music can be described as a marriage between a wide array of genres due to the diverse background of the band members. Influences include The Cure, Kings of Leon and Blink 182. Despite being influenced by established artists, the collaboration between Joshua, Tg and Jan create the distinct sound that can only be credited to Tracers.

The song writing within Tracers starts with one of the members bringing a basic idea for a song to the table, followed by the band work shopping the song and changing it to suit the band’s sound and direction. The sound of the band is ultimately achieved by the collaboration between Tg Pool, Joshua Richter and Jan van Biljon.

The lyrics are written by the two vocalists in the band, Joshua Richter and Tg Pool. Recurring lyrical themes in Tracers’ music include loss, uncertainty, over indulgence and ambition. The lyrical content of the EP are inspired by honest introspection.

The writing and recording process of the EP took place on and over the course of 6 months and serves as an introduction to Tracers. The EP has 6 diverse tracks that capture the spirit of the band at this point in time. Tracers will be playing extensively live over the next few months and will start writing and recording a full length album by the end of 2016.

Meanwhile, enjoy their newly released EP

So what do you think of Tracers? Be sure to drop your thoughts. We will bring you all the info we can on Tracers here at, so stay tuned. Remember to support your local African rock acts/bands!

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