Kenyan band Irony Destroyed to release second single Oreon soon


Kenyan bands! The Kenyan scene!! We are going to be doing an in-depth look of the Kenyan rock scene pretty soon.

Anyway, I’m on my bed chilling when the Editor-In-Chief  tells me to look up some Kenyan Bands and I’m like “OK.”

Irony destroyed is a Metalcore band founded in Nairobi, Kenya. Lenny Kiano(guitar), Carrington (drums), Lawrence (vocals), Mark(bassist) And Kelvin (pianist /vocals). Their aim is to, according to Lenny, the lead guitarist:

Have a really huge fan base by having awesome live performances, really entertaining music which can even convert non-metal heads to listen. In addition, also influence our fans positively through our music and inspire as well.

Their début single Think Twice If Possible Thrice recorded by the previous members was successful. Their current members have a composition called Undying Souls which they will feature on their EP that they will start working on from next year.

Jam it! We spoke to Lenny from the band briefly:

Austin of AudioInferno: So what does the track mean to you?

Lenny of Irony Destroyed:

For me, it’s a fresh start, a beacon of hope in this industry and hopefully will be a talking point of how we as Kenyans and Africans have the potential to write and compose hit tracks to entertain and influence people.

AI: What inspired the writing of the song?


Everyone, I think, was inspired differently but the general idea we had as a band is to write something that’s heavy yet melodic and a real breaking point for us as a band

So we waiting for Oreon which is their second single off their upcoming EP slated for next year, No names have been decided yet for the EP.

We are firmly in support of what Lenny said. Let’s covert some non-Metal heads! Oshey!


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