Painted Pixels brings out EP


Painted Pixels is a three piece band from Somerset-West in South Africa and this past year they finished their first EP and they are very eager to release their music to a wider audience.

Their EP is a 6-track release that they wrote and recorded themselves, the songs are for the most part guitar-driven. They set out for a very organic sound with this EP, they combined elements of Alternative, Rock, Pop, Indie and Funk/Jazz music. They aspire to  find joy in creating music that has a unique sound.

The lyrics and songs for this were all written by their Lead-Singer and Guitarist; Ignatius Ferreira. The EP is an independent production and they recorded all the music at home, the production was done at their guitarist’s house on his computer, after that was done it was sent for mixing and mastering by their friend Wynard Fourie.



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