Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Tanya of Rukuz


It’s time for Thursday Thoughts with some of your favourite rockers from across the continent. We get to hear their favourite videos and watch and be inspired by them.


Tanya grooving out

I know Tanya A. Markowitsch and she is nothing but vibrant, she’s in the band RuKuZ (formerly known as Hellucifix). They are a self-proclaimed groove thrash band making its way in and around Cape Town, South Africa, formed by guitarist Matt Oldog. Influences include Pantera, Down, Mastadon and Hank Williams III and many others. Rukuz has unconventional metal elements like progressive metal and funk jam combinations. Enjoy her playlist!

Type O Negative – I Don’t Wanna Be Me

I really love Type O Negative and I think they were under rated as a band. This video is really awesome. It kinda sums up “pretending to be what you aren’t” in a literal way. Most of Type O’s music videos are quite amusing. Check out “My girlfriend’s girlfriend” too. Peter Steele was a fantastic vocalist and it’s a shame that he’s not around today.

Guns and Roses – Yesterdays

This is more nostalgia than anything really. I love the simplicity of the song as well as the message, it’s still a song that stays with me till today. I remember being about six years old and seeing this on “studio mix” (a program that you could call in and request videos) for the first time and I immediately fell in love with it. Being that young, I couldn’t remember any of the words so I’d just walk around shouting “Yesterday!” repetitively. Mind you, “November Rain” is also a tear jerker and you should watch it too.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen 

It’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ I read a quote and it goes like this “If Bohemian Rhapsody starts playing and the person you’re with doesn’t start singing along and at least attempt the different voices, you really need to leave them alone. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.”

Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock

This video is great! I mean, you’ve got Mark Metcalf as the angry teacher harassing a kid for drawing the Twisted Sister logo on his text-book and then the band come in and kick the teacher’s ass! It’s a really fun video to watch and I think most of us can all relate to the concept because we all went through that at least once in our lives. Dee Snider is a great vocalist/performer and you can see why “Stay Hungry” is a classic album.

Pantera – This Love

I went through quite a bit of heartbreak (who didn’t?!) and this song really helped me deal with the situation. It’s really intense and it sums up pain rather well. The video is pretty cool too 😉

For more info on Rukuz, you can check out their band page here.


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