Can there be a Heavy Metal scene in Nigeria?

Clay and 1LastAutograph

1LastAutograph performing with Clay at Metal & Romance

Just the other day as the morning twilight dwindled and the sun was almost upon us; I sat pondering on earlier activities of the day and a thought kept lingering in my mind.

So before I lay me down in my coffin (if you have forgotten, vampires sleep during the day), I’m going to put pen to paper and share this thought with y’all…

“What’s all this about?” you might ask. Well, I was thinking HOW DOES THE NIGERIAN COMMUNITY REALLY FEEL ABOUT HEAVY METAL/METAL? ( Excuse my CAPs 😋)

This question has been like a drone hovering around the Nigerian rock community via social media platforms (Whatsapp 🌝 ) and one-on-one discussions during our many hangouts and rock shows. It has also steered up one or two debates among we rockers that didn’t end with slicing each others throats (Yes! Rockers are peaceful people). I think what necessitated me to write/talk about this topic was the release of the recent EP by 1LastAutograph ( might I at this point add that the EP was f&@king METAL 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 “smashes bottle on head” ). (Editor’s Note: We do not approve of smashing bottles on anyone’s head and especially not your own…)

Arum performing at the Rocktoberfest

Arum performing at Rocktoberfest

The Nigerian rock community is a growing one, finding its way into the music scene having only foreign bands as its benchmark. On the plus side having foreign bands as a benchmark means one has standardized bands to emulate but on the negative side it leaves most bands clueless and most times forgetting that music has to be able to blend into the environment it is being played in and the audience it is being played to. Else, it appears ambiguous to the listeners. The summary of all that grammar is that there has to be an African/Nigerian element in our Rock music so that the Nigerians that listen to said song can identity with it. The trick really is fusing the Nigerian element into a rock song while maintaining the rocksomeness of the said song.

Well, my thoughts at the moment is more centralized on a genre of Rock music which is Metal.

Any time, Non Rockers or Non-Metal listeners hear you listening to Metal and I don’t mean Iron or Aluminium (Pun intended 🌝), speaking from personal experience, you get comments like:

“Isn’t it that the thing you listen to where all they say is DIE! DIE! DIE!?” 😤😤😤

“Doesn’t it give you headache?” 😒

“All these devil worshippers, you will go to hell” 😕

“What are they even saying? You can’t possibly understand all this noise” 🌝

“Oh, I love heavy metal, too. My favourite band is Coldplay” 😕

If you can relate to this questions and more scream DIE! DIE! DIE! 😤😤😤😤

The questions really are thus:
1. Is there a clearly defined meaning of Nigerian Metal? That would mean creating a sub-genre or a fusion genre of Metal.
2. Can Metal in whatever form thrive in the Nigerian rock community?
3. For the acts/bands, what are the commercial prospects in terms of generating income by embarking into such daring genre as Metal?
4. How can the artists localize the metal genre/Make it their own?

I will be honest with you I had initially written 10 pages worth of thoughts and issues to trash out on this subject but I decided I didn’t want people sleeping off at page 5 of my thoughts😂😂😂. Hence, my decision to keep it brief.

Some enthusiastic members of the Nigerian rock community at Metal & Romance

Some enthusiastic members of the Nigerian rock community at Metal & Romance

So what really is your view, Mortal rockers, on Metal thriving in Nigeria and can we see a future where we have a Nigerian Metal sub-genre? Will Nigeria ever have a metal scene? Should rock artists trying to do Metal tracks just f@&king quit now because the percentage of metal listeners in the rock community is really small so no large commercial gain can be expected? So many questions. Very few answers 😔.

The truth is the Metal genre is not designed to be liked by a mass audience and like any good subculture, Metal defines itself by exclusion. Metal is all about power chords, exotic modes and dissonance. It is a genre admired for its virtuosity, extremism and complete madness.

I’m guessing you are wondering if Nigerian rock artists are even close to making a Metal song. Yes, they are and I’ll recommend listening to these two songs to know how good we are at it.

1. See Ehn by 1LastAutograph

2. Diagnose 2 by Arum

That’s just a sample of what we have now. I believe there’s more potential! The sun is fully out now and a vampire must call it a day. So what do you think, Metal in Nigeria, YAY or NAY?


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