Bankrupt souls drop You Still Live Inside Me

Bankrupt Souls, a band from Botswana are back with another track You Still Live Inside Me. Last month, we talked about Zwandiwana with Bankrupt Souls, you can read that HERE and understand the meaning before we jump in to this new track.

Actually, this track was released side by side with Zwandiwana, so these two songs are from their upcoming album. They are going to have an album, an 8 or more track album. So far these 2 songs have been amazeballs. Well, I’m keen for it. It’s music with traditional blends. Stay here with us on AudioInferno to know the name of the album when it comes out, the band is still agreeing on the album name.

You Still Live Inside Me, when I saw the name, I just knew it’s something emotional but there are bands that if I see this title, I know it’s brutal lyrically, ain’t no time for emotional trauma with them…


Dumisani had the intro clean riff for almost five years not knowing what to do with it until he started tuning one step down (drop D) but the sixth string two steps down (drop C). He used fender Stratocaster while second guitarist Gabriel Rampefe used ESP. The lyrics are about that girl one never stops loving whilst she has moved on with her life. When she has even forgotten about you but you keep hoping she comes back.

I know that feeling, although, no time here at my end to hope she comes back.


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