Open Letter to a Colleague (Old VS New)

the drift

The Drift

Dear Human,

It’s been a while since we actually met in person… I think. So I have something I need to get off my chest. The time when we first talked shop about music and stuff, I found you to be a hater of rock music. Sure you liked the old stuff but you had this attitude about the recent music and I honestly didn’t get it. I just thought you were being an elitist prick. For real.

As time went on, I realized time wouldn’t change my perception of your elitist ways. Bloody purist. Hating on music I love so much. Then more time went on and I got compilation albums of modern bands covering the old guys. Gotta say, the songs were catchy. And, thanks to TV shows like Supernatural, I knew a lot of the songs. I actually knew a lot of classic rock and metal songs. I just didn’t know who sang them, most of the time. Then the day came when I got to play a guitar with distortion kit and all for the first time. Man, whole new appreciation for the precision of guitarists. EVEN THOSE THAT DO NOTHING BUT CHUG!!


[Small confession, I avoided the old school guys because of deep-seated paranoia… (You know, because back in the day, it’s the old school dudes that were seen as evil… Man, I wonder what would have happened if it was death metal they came across].

Then more time passed and I started watching top 10 rock and metal related stuff. Lots of really cool bands on those lists. Even discovered some new ones. Then, for some reason, I entered this groove metal mood one day and went on to check Pantera’s 10 best songs, according to watchmojo. After watching that video on YouTube, I went ahead to sample the one you first mentioned to me. WALK. Even looked out for covers. Found this…

Then I got even more curious and found this

Then I heard the riff of the original song while watching the TV show Sense8. Bear in mind I still hadn’t listened to the original song. Then one day I went off and just watched it on YouTube.


But that wasn’t the killer. At least not for me. It was when I heard Cemetery Gates I just melted. Okay, it wasn’t the SONG as a whole that got to me, even though it was a good song but man, there’s this thing the vocalist and guitarist did at the around the 4:55 minute mark. Just watch the video below.

I mean it was like the guitar was singing!! Like, WOW.

At this point I kind of understood why someone raised with the old school would not wanna try out the new school. Pardon the school thing, I know it’s kinda too much. But seriously, those guys were good. I have to admit. However, that guitar thing, though… Damn!! Pantera are the fathers of groove and thanks to them we now have bands like THE DRIFT representing the African Metal scene from a groovy point of view.

Sure they don’t sound like Pantera much but whatever.

I guess what I’m trying to say, dear human, is, I get it. However, I still think you’re an elitist prick :p



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