Egyptian band Hecate releases two singles off album

Lord Mist

Hecate is a black /death metal band from Cairo, Egypt and it was formed in 2014. They just released two singles off their upcoming album despite no release date being out just yet.

This is going to be the second full-length album by Hecate and will be titled In Nomine Artem Blackium. The album is going to be released via “Sleaszy Rider Records” in Greece. Most of the lyrics  are written by Lord Mist in Hecate and known as Zoma Darkthrone in Frostragrath and Hateful desolation, and Zander Adam the vocalist.

If you are into depressing Black Metal ( Editor’s Note: who isn’t into depressing Black Metal? O_o), listen:


Now this is the JAM!!! Y’all must jam this JAM!! 7 mins of madness

To check out their first album, click HERE

Stay tuned for more information as we get it


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