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Khemical Krypt. I’m just hearing about the name. However, there is no better thing than discovering bands whether new or old. Actually these guys have been on the scene since 2013. They’re a South African band and consist of  Soax, Riaan and Lilith Debauchery. Soax is the producer and DJ, Riaan is the guitarist and Lilith does vocals.

I had a chat with Lilith Debauchery, the vox of the band.


Lilith Debauchery

Austin of AudioInferno: Tell us a little about your band and how you came to meet

Lilith Debauchery of Khemical Krypt:

Pretty much it started off when I met Soax through a family member. He needed a female vocalist for some of his electro house and dubstep tracks. So we did that and the more we did, the more he started to produce darker sounding tracks. We’re both Metal heads at heart so we decided to actually start a duo. It was sort of weird industrial dubstep metal stuff. Then we dropped the dubstep and went for a 90’s influenced industrial rock ‘n roll sound. Manson/Rammstein/NIN/Rob Zombie type style.

When we started getting the opportunity to start gigging, I asked my very close friend Riaan to join us in the beginning of this year. I asked him because I knew that he would gel well with our style. All three of us are old school horror fans and we see our music as actually more about story telling than riff writing. So it was important that we all come from the same idea of what good cinema is. We also aspire to becoming more and more theatrical on stage as time goes on.

We write songs at an unbelievable speed. We already have around 20 tracks plus another 10+ that I need to write lyrics for before we can perform it live. Our genre is always evolving, but staying within a highly sexed up, horror and blasphemous theme. I think one of our biggest mottoes are ‘if not, why not?’ We don’t believe in being afraid to say or do things just because of how the audience might perceive us. However, we’re all about having fun with it.

Now that some light has been shed on the band, I’m sure you’re all curious about the music video. Well, watch it below:

AI: Lilith, can you tell us about this video?


Well, it was actually Andor Scholtz’s brain-child. He’s a friend of mine.

He came up to me one day and told me he wants to shoot a video for us as a sort of project for his portfolio. We agreed seeing as no one would lose anything if it didn’t work out, cause absolutely no money went into the video at all.

After a few meetings about what it would look like (which mostly consisted of Andor spilling all these weird sounding ideas, and me just saying “yeah man, let’s just have fun with it”). You gotta understand, when this guy talks about ideas, he goes into crazy mode where nothing he sees in his head could possibly be translated by his mouth so that the person he’s speaking to can understand. So frankly we all just went with it. We’re not a bunch of pedantic motherfuckers, so we were really chilled about it all.

Andor had us in an incredibly hot old garage, with all the cracks stuffed with cloth, so no new air was coming in. Haha! And to top matters off, he had SOAX spray-paint our name on the wall… not to mention that three of us were smoking most of the time. SOAX luckily had the mask, but everyone else was pretty fucked. It was awesome though. Only lasted about two hours actually. Andor had everything planned out. He knew exactly what shots he wanted to get in, so there was no fucking about and waiting time. He handed me a torch and said “That’s your mic,” so yeah that’s why I have a light on my face.

Poor Riaan had a serious hangover from the high school reunion he had to go to the night before, so he wasn’t having too much fun, but at least he doesn’t look sick in the video.

Dude, no jokes. Andor had that video edited and done a day later. He dropped it off at my place and we watched it. I didn’t know what I was gonna see, but when I saw it I was heavily impressed. We’re all very happy with the video. So it goes to show that you really don’t have to understand what Andor is talking about. Just go with it.

AI: That’s hilarious! Thanks for the story behind the video. I certainly enjoyed it. Although, next time, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit more focus, no?

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