What’s The Difference between Heavy Metal and Metalcore?

I was on YouTube the other day and a YouTuber dropped a video which got me thinking about something. What are the things that changed in metal? Basically, what are the major differences between HEAVY/THRASH METAL of the 80’s and the Metalcore that’s being released now? And I think I’ve got it but before you continue reading, here’s the video:



Now what I see as the major difference between the two, at least in relation to the video, is the drumming and the tuning.

The drums are more ferocious? No, I’d say that newer bands use double bass pedals almost always now while the older bands almost never did. In addition, the drummers in Metalcore make use of some cymbals that aren’t on the everyday drum set. My knowledge of drums is kinda bad so, It’ll be hard to explain. All drummers out there please educate me in the comment section. Thanks.

There’s the guitars. From the video, I’d say classic Heavy Metal uses standard E tuning. While Metalcore uses a lot of drop tuning. Okay, lemme show you another video that shows the drop tuning in action:

Now you have heard the effects of the drop tuning. Watching the video again, I think I’m right when I say that classic metal dudes used E more often than not. The drop tuning kinda helps give the riffs of Metalcore this chuggy feel and that combined with the double bass makes for a chuggy experience?

Then there’s something the older bands did a lot of that few Metalcore bands do.


Yup, the older guys may not be as heavy but they seemed to always grace us with the solos. Metalcore is more about the breakdowns than the solos though. For those who don’t know about breakdowns, we have an article explaining that here.

Now I won’t get drawn the into debate of which is “better.” A good breakdown is always welcome although they do get tiring, sometimes. Just saying this from my point of view. However, a solo is always cool, especially a well written one. I gotta say, a poor solo will always get props for the attempt, at least. Breakdowns are not that hard to pull off. It’s doing it RIGHT that’s the challenge…

I actually got into comparing them.


Anyway, I’m sure some of you reading this are avid lovers of the old school (Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Led Zepplin) while others were moved to listen to guys like Bring Me The Horizon, the Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, August Burns Red. It’s all good, though. I think the two eras of metal are awesome in their own right and neither should be talked down on (Like anyone can talk down on the classics 🙂 ). Just support whoever it is you like. Making music ain’t easy. Believe me, I’ve tried

Yes I tried!!





Where was I? Ummm… Man, long story short, just enjoy your music, whatever it is and remember to support your local bands. I hope this write-up was a little enlightening for y’all. Okay, I’m out.



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