South Africa, are you ready for GERAASPLAAS?


It’s a Thursday afternoon, I’m on my bed resting and jamming MELODIC DEATH METAL so I’m like I need to scout out more bands. So I go scouting. Now I’m stuck on A Song for my Funeral by Black Sun Aeon. That’s a jam!

I talked to Wian Beter Bester of Imperial Destruction, he recommended some bands for me and then I asked him about GERAASPLAAS because it’s all over South Africa’s Metal scene.

And then BOOM, Imperial Destruction are organizing the festival and the event is going to be in Wian’s Farm.


Before seeing this 300 hectares or more farm, listen to their newest track here.

To know more about this track, visit our brothers Metal4Africa HERE

Moving on, so let’s get STARTED ON GERAASPLAAS.

I’ve been seeing this event for a while on my Facebook page and I had no idea Wian and his band were organizing the event so I was keen to know more about this so I buzzed Wian and he tells me this is the second GERAASPLASS happening. Then I’m like, “…was I sleeping when the 1st GERAASPLASS took place?” Then I remembered I was serving my country so that last one passed me by.

This one won’t.

Wian on the Farm

Wherever you are in Africa, you all should come to GERAASPLAAS because it’s going to be one big festival. It’s holding from 30th December to 1st January, 2016. That’s three epic days of head-banging and spilling of blood, neck breaking and stabbing of dolls. (Editor’s Note: Well, not really but you get the idea we hope.)

Also it is a time when rock-heads whether punk or metal or doomsters come together to look back at 2015 when you guys banged heads together, flipped your hairs, tore your shirts, did cock push-ups, moshed together in the  pits, finished gallons of beers, raised your hammers high also and laugh about it, meet new buds and buddies. Frankly speaking, there seems to always be a rock show whether it’s fundraising or Album launch, like every week in South Africa and it’s very cool, pretty cool if you ask me. We are getting there.

So I asked Wian to tell me about this event:

Wian: Probably the first metal event in years hosted in this area. Our aim is to integrate a culture into our own. The locals of the Hessequa district haven’t heard anything like metal and after our fist event they went crazy. We’ve got a demand to bring it back and hope to inspire some people into picking up an instrument and learn to play Metal. There’s always a hidden talent in these small farm towns and we want to unlock it.

To look at pictures from the 1st GERAASPLAAS, click HERE

Wian: Geraasplaas started out as a dream which soon became a reality once my folks moved out of Cape Town and into the farm lands. Imperial Destruction had hosted earlier events in unconventional towns. Such as our home town strand so we did our first NIGHT OF DESTRUCTION there. It was  a nice turn out seeing as we have some hungry metal-heads who can’t always afford the trip to town which is roughly 50km away. But hell, GERAASPLAAS is a nice midway mark between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape) with plenty of small towns in between, some of the bigger town include George, Knysna, Mosselbaai, Wilderness, Jefferys Bay and we’ve got some interest from them. Basically, it’s a three-day festival on two stages. The whole idea is to just to have fun. We’ve got karaoke, Air guitar battles, open mic and acoustic artist outside on the party stage and inside our shed we have the main bands, spreading across Hard Rock, Blues, Black Metal, Death Metal.

Ivan chasing moles away with his power metal

From the pictures above that’s a pretty big farm, I’m sure that day, the grass will turn red and when thunder strikes, be certain Odin has come to water the farm. Raise your swords high, buckle tight and shield up all ye Asgardians (Editor’s Note: …what?)

I’m sure someone will do an Amon Amarth KARAOKE.

Moving on.

You all should go get your ticket NOW!!

Watch this epic promo video:

I can see Jason of Imperial Destruction  and some other lekker dudes in the video.

As already mentioned, it’s a 3 days event, the first day is karaoke and some acoustic bands are going to be playing, kind of heating the stage for the main event. Also the 1st day will be a stage warm up and meeting of friends that flew from above and beyond to be at GERAASPLAAS, drinking beers and all, whatever works for you. Sounds like a pre-party to me.

Then the second day which will be the New Years Eve, if you don’t know what New years Eve means, Google it.

To buy your tickets, click HERE

Gates open on the 30th of December 2015, and festivities will begin with karaoke, pool, foosball, and beer pong contests with some great prizes up for grabs! Bands will start early on the 31st across two stages. There will be both an Indoor stage (Main Stage) and an Outdoor Stage (Acoustic Stage.) The Indoor Stage will be embraced by some of South Africa’s finest Metal and Alternative acts. While the outdoor stage will host the relaxing and groovy acoustic sounds of both new and experienced artists, to help cure your hangover or help you relax. So Gate ticket is R200, as you all know the farm is huge, if you are early, you pay R120, if you late R150.

To know about the Main stage and more details of GERAASPLAAS, Click HERE’

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