Yet Another 7 Ladies of African Rock You Should Know About

To say we didn’t expect to get the response we did when we released the last Ladies of African rock article would be a horrid lie. With that came the much-needed questions: “why isn’t this band on there, how you forget to include so-and-so, you guys are shit, you guys are awesome, you guys are sexist.”

We did get comments along that line. Fun day at the office for us you know. Still, it’ll be murder not to come up with another list here. We knew for a fact that there were other ladies with probably a bigger range than the ones already mentioned, maybe we wrote the article to get an insane amount of emotional response from fans out there… Are we trolls like that? Well, we’d like to think not. The reality is, there are so many. And we know we can’t mention them all. Which is why we tend to encourage folks to leave comments in the comment section to point us in the right direction. With that, a huge shout out to Dark Sparkle for putting us through. Enough talk, here’s ” Another 7 Ladies Of African Rock You Should Know About.”

Junkyard Lipstick

Now this here is where we got a shit ton of stick from. Cape Town don’t play remember so, imagine how they came for me after I left out these ladies. Now what’s really cool (to me anyways) is that they play my favorite kind of Metal, Thrash Metal and their influences are all bands I try to emulate when I try to create riffs (talking about bands like Slayer and Metallica.) They’re all ladies in that band and if you think that’s cool you should see them at it, the WinterFest 2015 performance should set you right. They are worth every bit of attention you feel you should give them.

Robyn Ferguson

Having the “lead vocalist, lead guitarist” tag in your résumé isn’t exactly a small deal. You won’t be out-of-place to think Robyn is the face of the Christian band Adorned In Ash. She plays a Jackson guitar too and that’s not where her strengths lie. Go listen to the band now and you’ll figure out what I’m heading for here.

Lilitu Caprinae

Ok. Ok. Ok. I’ll admit, as of the moment when this article was in writing. I had no idea about Theater Runs Red. (Editor’s Note: Say what now?) Which is kinda embarrassing to admit, so, I got curious as per ALWAYS! Lilitu is the vocalist of the deliciously evil (looking) band Theater Runs Red. Hear her roar, hear her growl. It’s total madness. You like Blackened Death Metal, then you’d love Lilitu and Theater Runs Red.

Courtney Gibson

One of the coolest thing I ever saw on YouTube was a lady drumming to Pantera’s WALK. At that moment, this occurred to me: the line separating a female drummer from a male drummer was conceived by turds. I saw Courtney play for the first time in a YouTube video titled “Mizers, Welcome to Hatred. SA METALBAND.” It’s worth checking out. She also fronts Canimambo Free Form Music and Art Festival. Yet another contribution to music (in general) we salute you Courtney Gibson

Sonja Ruppersberg

Shadow! Love me that jam. that was the one song that dragged me toward Terminatryx’s direction and helming that song properly was the voice of Sonja. How many ladies do you see doing Industrial Metal out there so good? We’ll you will find one in Sonja, great stage presence plus she wear a military visor hat on stage… I’m thinking Lemmy but hey, that works well for me. She’s definitely worth check and I haven’t said much about her singing

Ally W. Salem

OK, I’ll admit it’s a wee bit embarrassing not knowing anything about Ally (prior to this post I mean.) She was mentioned by someone who left a comment in the last list (thank you M.K.) A lot can be said about Ally, adrenaline junkie etc but that pales in comparison to her skills. She may be the best female guitarist in the middle east, according to some camps. All debatable if you ask. Hailing from that great land of Egypt and playing for the band Andromeda which so happens to be a Pink Floyd tribute band… NEAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara A. Alsayyad

I like Pantera, I like Slayer… Seeing Sara play drum covers of both bands got me wondering why I don’t listen to the band she plays for, Gorynov. Hailng from the country of Egypt (yes, same country again. A hot bed of talent, yep.) It’s only fair we look up North here at AudioInferno. The bands up there are as numerous as the sand (couldn’t help myself, I had to say it like that) and I find myself asking, how many more like Sara will I find if i decide to dig deeper. Exciting stuff really.

You know there are more ladies doing it this way don’t you. We urge the folks out there to leave names in the comment section letting us know who you feel should be up here. We can’t mention them all as we want to but we could try. Once again, cheers to the ladies of African Rock.


(Note: The pictures used were taken from bands or the ladies pages on Facebook for instance, AudioInferno doesn’t assume credit for the pictures taken, all pictures credit due to the photographers (Henry Engelbrecth and Linda Elogohary for instance) and the ladies involved in this list.)


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  1. Hi! This is Lilitu from Theatre Runs Red 🙂 Thank you so much for this brilliant article! All us ladies of metal always appreciate exposure so thanks for taking out the time to do this.

    I just want to add three more names to that list of ladies in metal – Our brilliant bassist from Theatre Runs Red is also female, her name is Sekhmetdeyae. Would really appreciate it if you could add her in your next article!

    Then there is another extreme metal female vocalist from Durban. Her name is Aldine Venter, from the band Desolation. Amazing band! She is one of the toughest female vocalists to come out of SA.

    Then another lovely lady who has just started up again in JHB with her new band Aimed At You.
    Her name is Sam Bushell and she previously vocalled for a band called Fragmented Children. Also a mindblowing vocalist!

    Thanks again for the article! \m/

    • This is the response we hoped on really. We know there are so many ladies active in rock out there. The very point of this article and the previous was to get people telling us about ladies we failed to mention. People deserve to know about you ladies doing it big and so well, especially people in this continent of ours. All three ladies mentioned will be treated accordingly, you have our word Lilitu! /,,/

  2. Maybe this article should be retitled to “7 white ladies of African rock”. 🙂 I couldn’t help but notice the lack of black African ladies. Is it that you are not aware of their existence or you deliberately ignored them? I really hope it’s the former and not the latter. If it’s the former, then let me introduce you to the not-white ladies of Kenyan rock 🙂 @rishkenya @flawbymurfy (5 ladies 1 gentleman) and @dove_slimme (leadsinger is a lady)

    • This isn’t our first post actually. You can check out the original one here. We actually did have a few black ladies. We do know about the Kenya bands 🙂 . We have interviewed Murphy’s Flaw, although this was back in early 2014 before we officially became AudioInferno, you can read it here as well as Doveslimme here. However, thanks for the heads up. This post is entirely the opinion of the writer and as he points out, it’s not a comprehensive list.

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