Best Rock Song of 2015 – 1st Annual African Rock Music Awards

best rock song

A lot of songs out there this year. Way too many, so imagine how much of a chore it was singling out these songs. Well, not so much a chore really if you’re having the time of your life listening to all of them. I’ll admit to getting lost many times though, there are just too many. This year saw the rise of many bands, it also saw the domination of well-known bands. The nominees we have for the Best Rock Song mixes things a little. The choices will raise debates and we are secretly hoping for that.


Tada! The cat’s out of the bag now. Here are the nominees for Best Rock Song:

Turn Around by ParkingLotGrass & CLAY  

The amazing collaboration between Kenyan rockers, ParkingLotGrass and Nigeria’s Clay. We look forward to more such collaborations between various African countries.


Champion by Phrance 

Nigeria’s Phrance came out with this wonderful track. I just love the vocals!


Egobe by Dark Suburb 

Ghana’s Alternative Rock band, Dark Suburb sing about a girl that doesn’t quite appreciate the Singer yet! However, someday, he’ll make her shine…


When the Lights Go Out by Nathmac 

Woah. This song. The vocal range of NathMac is just breathtaking. Not much else can be said for this extremely talented Nigerian. Just give the song a listen.


Dance with Devils by No.15 

South Africa’s No. 15 deliver a soulful song that just gets to you. ‘Nuff Said.


VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!! Won’t want your band losing out here will ya? If you haven’t for some reason heard these song then you should. Like, yesterday. So we encourage you guys, look these bands up, the ones you know and don’t know too. Don’t be on just one side over there, explore and mix things up a bit. Trust us, what you discover will be worth it.

For more on the awards, you are already at the right place but if you’re still unsure, go here.


(Note: All picture credits go to the bands and their photographers. AudioInferno doesn’t take credit for pictures of the bands performing or their logos. Full credit is given to the individual bands and the photographers [named or unnamed] responsible for the pictures.)


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