Introducing the 1st Annual AudioInferno African Rock Music Awards


That’s right, you read the title correctly. We here at AudioInferno Towers are going to be starting an annual awards to recognise all the great bands and acts that have released fantastic music over the year. This has been an eventful year for rock music, especially here in Nigeria. We have grown as a rock nation and the development is only going to get bigger and better over time.

This year, we are starting off with a strictly online awards but we intend to expand it to a full awards show by the same time next year. Wish us luck!

Yes, yes, yes we know we are doing our own too. We want a piece of that pie you know. We want people to look at AudioInferno and say “…oh yea the ARMA’s coming up real soon, I wonder who’s gonna nail the Best New Band award.” Or something like that. But for us here at AudioInferno, it goes beyond that. Thing is, a lot of these bands which we have covered have shown us immense support, some of them have even given us advices on what to do and how to do things which has obviously propelled us to where we are now. So, in a way this is just us showing them we listened and we want their names up there in lights, win or no win, they deserve to be known.

This isn’t the “everyone is a winner” speech here, though. God, no!

We have a total of 10 categories and some categories have 5 nominees while others have 6. Along the line while we gathered up the nominations we just couldn’t leave out some bands or songs. Think you can figure out which band or song we had to add because we couldn’t leave them out? We think it’s impossible for you but you are more than welcome to try anyway.  Right after this announcement article here, we will announce 2 categories each day starting from Tuesday. We think that’s fair enough right there. There would be a poll in each category that would allow you to vote for your preferred nominee. You can vote between Tuesday (when the categories will go LIVE) and 8AM GMT, January 1, 2016. Results of your votes would be released a week later and published on here for y’all to see.

You won’t have to wait too long people, we promise that much! It’s the holiday season so we think you guys are more preoccupied with shopping and decorations. Speaking about decorations we don’t have any here so that’s just a huge bummer! There is no Christmas spirit here. Someone help us please. Everyone is a Grinch here.

We hope you guys are as excited as we are, we know the bands are, so we can’t wait for the big reveal. So, for more on the ARMA, you are already at the one place where you need to be. In a matter of hours, the different categories for the awards would be released alongside the different nominations.


Stay tuned…


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