African Rock Goddess 2015 – 1st Annual AudioInferno African Rock Music Awards

African Rock Goddess

Metal and rock has often been male-dominated genres in the global music industry, and for some years now, it has been the same story in the African music industry, but we’re here to pay tribute to the women who broke into the mold of Rock Music in the African music industry and stir it up with some of the good bands in the business. With the evolution of rock music in Africa, women are increasingly becoming prominent in the genre. Gone are the days it used to be a boy club, these days, musicians such as Rasha of Enraged have moved into the upper echelons of the African rock music. All of the women here bring aggression to their music and are here for one purpose: to rock. Some of the goddesses in here, deliver highly energetic performances that bring another unique identity to their music.

The nominees for the Rock Goddess of 2015 are an exclusive bunch, spanning different styles, here they are:


Rasha Magdy is one of the most imposing front-women, leading the vocal attack for Egyptian Symphonic Metal band Enraged. Her voice soars with sparkling clarity, still retaining a slight hint of grit, giving the band attitude. She belts out every word with power, Rasha adds some raspy screams here and there when the music calls for it. To know more about Rasha, one of the ladies I respect in the Egyptian heavy metal scene, click HERE and HERE for the two-part  interview we had with her. You can also watch the video of Ma’at (Jeremiad) by Enraged HERE.



140213094417-skinflint-live-botswana-alessandra-sbrana-horizontal-galleryAlessandra is a unique goddess, that’s the first thing I said to myself when I watched the music video for Mask of the Dead by Skinflint. She drums for Skinflint. If you’re in Botswana and you’re a rock fan, and you have never heard of Skinflint, then you are wrong. Alessandra is the best in the Botswana rock music scene when it comes to drums & pedals, the way she drums and nods her head while at it, it gets to me. I’m sure it will get to you too when you watch OKOVE. When I first saw Okove, I knew this is a born drummer, the way she handles the sticks with energy, when she is on kit, she is queen. She is fantastically talented and it’s like she multi-tasks on kit.


6Full page

Joe is the vocalist for Junkyard Lipstick. You need to listen to her growl, I don’t know how she pulls that off but she does it just awesome. Natural-born vocal thrasher, she has been a dedicated metal-head and member of the crowd for over 10 years. She researches underground bands and supports underrated bands and those less known. Death and Thrash metal are her other two true loves! When I watched her Bloodbath cover video she did with Pieter Pieterse from The Fallen Prophets, I just knew this is the Angela Gassow of the South African Scene. Click HERE to watch video.



Sonja Ruppersberg is the front-woman of South African Gothic metal band Terminatryx. She is the horror imposing female vocalist leading the attack for Terminatryx. The pitch of her voice carries a lot of emotional weight. She delivers her own style of gothic singing with vicious screaming. Sonja is also the lead vocalist of a group called ‘A Murder’ which is her side project outside Terminatryx. Click HERE to watch their video ‘Shadow’.



Clay performing at the recent Rocktoberfest

Clay is one of a kind. You know why I’m saying this? It is because she changes genre from one song to the other, today she is alternative rock, then in the blink of an eye, she is gothic rock or emo, that’s unbelievable. We are anticipating Metal from her soon. Her voice has reached beyond and above Africa and she has actually attracted fans, I mean a lot of fans, from different African rock communities. This is a lady that can SING! Awesome vocal skills. Her real name is Bianca Adanna Okorocha and she’s from Nigeria. She also fuses rock with pop and local blends. Her live performances are awesome.

Robyn Ferguson

Robyn picked up a guitar at the age of 12 after she realized that everything else in life was a waste. She is the lead vocalist and guitarist for Christian black/death metal band, Adorned in Ash. Robyn has the ability to scream high and mids, which is great if you ask me. It’s not something you just wake up in the morning and try doing, if so, injury awaits and I will gladly refer you to the hospital. You should listen to the way she screams and holds her AXE! One word…COORDINATION.


And so there you have it folks, look out for two more categories tomorrow.

For more on the awards, you are already at the right place but if you’re still unsure, go here.


(Note: All picture credits go to the bands and their photographers. AudioInferno doesn’t take credit for pictures of the bands performing or their logos. Full credit is given to the individual bands and the photographers [named or unnamed] responsible for the pictures.)


Seyi Obe

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