Best Metal Song 2015 – 1st Annual AudioInferno African Rock Music Awards

Best Metal Song

Ummm….*taps mic*

Hello, humans. Welcome to the whachumacallit awards… ARMA! Yes, ARMA. African Rock Music Awards. Catchy, huh? We awesome like that. Anyway, I’m the guy bringing you the nominees for “BEST METAL SONG 2015.” I started paying more attention to the African rock/metal scene last year and its been fun getting to jam songs by the various bands from this continent of ours. I will say that I’m kinda against picking a single song and calling it the best, because I feel that every song heard brings something different to the table. More so when you’re talking about a genre as diverse as METAL….I mean, you’ve seen the sub-genre lists, yeah? List as vast as the seven seas. Mhmm. But, this category exists and well gotta pick five out of the many I’ve heard this year. 🙁

Anyway, let’s get this over with.


Sigh. Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this song. It’s just so haunting and pretty or beautiful or something. You get my drift? It’s really nice. It got me clicking play over and over when I streamed it on YouTube upon its release. I can’t believe I actually wondered if I was going to enjoy the song. This song made me take a good long look at my judgmental self in the mirror (ZINGO!!!!). However, seriously, check this song out if you haven’t. Lovely stuff. Enraged are from Egypt.



The first African Death Metal band that gave my eardrums blisters from the hot and heavy peddling and metaling (this should be a word). Appropriate Hate Crime would have been the song here but man, Burn the Scene is just an amazing listen. And they have a play-through video online so y’all can learn how to jam this song yourselves. Awesome. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are from South Africa.



This Kenyan outfit, though, all about the “core,” they keep getting better with each song they drop. THIS SONG was such a step in the right direction. Kind of a blend of Metalcore and Post-Hardcore. And a good blend, too. The song didn’t hit me instantly but on repeated listen I grew to appreciate what the band did on this track right here.



See ehn, this is the first Metalcore song from a Nigerian band!! SUPER!!! It was blistering and raw. The rawness gave it attitude. A song about doing what you want and ignoring the haters as you achieve your dreams, this December release had the Nigerian Rock community “prouding” up and down the place. Sure the production didn’t do the vocals any favours and made it hard to hear the words, but you know what. IT’S A GREAT SONG. I mean I listen to it over and over even though it’s hard to make out the words. Imagine what would happen if I could hear EVERYTHING!




And the last entry on this list is the atmospheric, epic black metal jam that came out literally a day before this nominee list was made. WOW. SUCH WOW. THIS JAM. MUCH EPIC. SUCH WOW. SO MUCH I FORGET HOW TO ENGLISH. Really good song, yo. I’m not an avid listener of Black Metal, but when I hear a Black Metal song that’s good, I just go loco. HECATE really did a number on my ear drums with this song. They’re from Egypt.

That’s pretty much it. Vote for your favourite song irrespective of who your favourite band is. Let’s support each other. Or not. Vote! We will be bringing two new categories tomorrow so don’t stray too far from your favourite African Rock website. 😀

For more on the awards, you are already at the right place but if you’re still unsure, go here.


(Note: All picture credits go to the bands and their photographers. AudioInferno doesn’t take credit for pictures of the bands performing or their logos. Full credit is given to the individual bands and the photographers [named or unnamed] responsible for the pictures.)


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