Best Metal Video 2015 – 1st Annual AudioInferno African Rock Music Awards

Best Metal Video

I have always felt that Metal music videos are one of the few kinds of music videos that are easy to come up with. What I mean is, for majority of the video, you really just need the band to be playing their instruments and looking awesome and intense while doing it. That’s it. Just show clips of the band head-banging while playing the music and you’re pretty much golden. So why were there so few videos this year in the African Metal scene? I can’t really answer that but these are our nominations for best Metal videos.

Facing The Gallows – Filth

There’s a part during this video when someone’s head bounces from smacking the floor. I don’t know about you but for me that’s pretty ridiculous! I can’t imagine the amount of pain. Just wow. Facing The Gallows are from South Africa.

Last Year’s Tragedy – March From The Underground

Last Year’s Tragedy are a Metalcore band from Kenya. The lyrics to this song are just so powerful and the way David Mburu delivers is just breathtaking. I have watched this video so many times and it never gets boring thanks to the simplicity and emotions it brings out in me. Can you feel it, too? Or was I just high each time? Hmmm…

Persona – Blinded

OK, this video has just two scenes. One with the band and the other with the tied-up lady. So what makes it great? The editing! The editing is fast paced and doesn’t waste time on any particular shot before jumping to the next one. The editor is constantly switching from shot to shot while following the tempo of the song as well as choosing relevant parts of the scenes to highlight for maximum impact. Consider me impressed! Well done to everyone else that was involved, too, obviously, because without them, there wouldn’t be any footage to edit… Persona are representing Tunisia.

Skinflint – Okove

This is one creepy and dark video that completely sells you its story. Glad I ain’t in Botswana with that fellow. I’m still shaking over here.  Well done, director!

The Drift – Hunted

This video is brilliant for so many reasons. The directing, cinematography, the lighting, the acting, the change in pace halfway through the video, the editing and so on and so forth… Brilliant. ‘Nuff Said. The Drift are from South Africa.

Which is your favourite from these videos? I don’t envy you being only able to pick one! They’re all so good! For more on the awards, you are already at the right place but if you’re still unsure, go here.


(Note: All picture credits go to the bands and their photographers. AudioInferno doesn’t take credit for pictures of the bands performing or their logos. Full credit is given to the individual bands and the photographers [named or unnamed] responsible for the pictures.)

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