Best Rock Video 2015 – 1st Annual AudioInferno African Rock Music Awards

Best Rock Video

I remember spending my teenage years watching tons of rock music videos especially on VH1 and MTV (back when they were still a music station). I had dreams of being a rock star back then. Good times. These videos are

Bring Us Together feat. Pro by Prime Circle

I like this video, a lot. Especially because of the concept of the painting being done. I want it! I love collaborations between rock bands and hip-hop artists especially if it can be pulled of seamlessly without changing the song into a  hip-hop song with a “rock chorus.”  This song is brilliant in that regard, it’s still clearly a Prime Circle song while giving lots of time to Pro to shine. The band did real good.


Sons of Robots by Rash

Kenyan band Rash went for an 80’s vibe in this video and I love it. The fun the band can clearly been seen having is infectious and you begin to dance along. Great stuff!
Rain Man by ParkingLotGrass

There’s a lot of swag on display in this video by Kenyan rockers, ParkingLotGrass. The suits, the expressions, the film noir aesthetics. Well done


Bungalow by Al Bairre

I love the quirkiness on display in this video. It’s so different and refreshing. I loved when the twins started to sing especially. Great stuff
Live Like You’re on Fire feat. Luke Edwards by Set For The Sky

Lot’s of angst and emotion on display here by South African alternative/post-hardcore band Set For The Sky.


After watching all the videos above, which is the best? Who deserves to win the award? You decide! For more on the awards, you are already at the right place but if you’re still unsure, go here.


(Note: All picture credits go to the bands and their photographers. AudioInferno doesn’t take credit for pictures of the bands performing or their logos. Full credit is given to the individual bands and the photographers [named or unnamed] responsible for the pictures.)

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