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Poverty Of Ideals

So, I was on YouTube the other day (this is beginning to sound like a cliché) and I saw this video in which a band covered Pharrel’s Happy in 10 different styles. Each style reminiscent of popular rock and metal bands. It was a really cool video and I watch it again from time to time. In the video, the band played Dream Theatre and Dagoba style Happy, with Dagoba being the more ferocious of the two. However, that’s a story for another day.
One thing I noticed, from the way the band played their instruments, is that Dream Theatre had to be a progressive metal band.

Now I can’t in any way claim to be progressive metal fan. However, I’ve always enjoyed it when a Metalcore or Death Metal band incorporated progressive elements into their music.

Now, progressive metal has been around for years but it was bands like Dream Theatre that played it so well, it became a, for lack of a better word, “THING.”

The one thing I enjoy about progressive metal is its odd time signatures. You can hardly predict what notes going to come next. Honestly I will have to admit to “Learning” to listen to progressive metal. That thing made my brain hurt the first time I heard it. I just kept wondering what the flying fish was happening…
Seriously, it’s almost a chore to listen to, sometimes, and their songs can be soooooooooooo BLOODY LOOOOOOOONG!! Like, WHAT??

Dream Theatre have this song called Octavarium. 26 MINUTES LONG. That’s the running time of a TV comedy episode plus next episode previews with time to spare.

Now progressive isn’t bad, yo, and for those who can settle down and listen to it, you’d be impressed with the precision of the band’s instrumentalists. They have some killer guitar that’ll make you wonder what kind of minds they have.

SIDENOTE: “How do they write this stuff?” is one of the many questions that’ll cross your mind.

One thing I must give progressive metal bands is they never sound the same. How can they sound the same with all those odd time signature riffs? Okay, wait, what I should say is that the music never really gets boring (if you’re into it and the band doesn’t suck).

Okay, so confession. I will admit to thinking that having an African Progressive Metal band was not going to happen. Poverty Of Ideals made me eat my words. They play purely instrumental though. No singing. However, I think that’s a plus for them. Think about it. The music is already complex enough as it is, without adding vocals into the mix.

Then there’s Animals As Leaders not based in Africa but their lead guitarist is of Nigerian decent so COOL!

I don’t really know what inspired this but please give the progressive Metal a listen. You might enjoy it.

Support your local African bands and rock on \m/


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