LemmyDay: An AudioInferno Podcast Special


Losing someone as big as Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is enough to let the world stand still with horns in the air, A true legend who lived like he sang: gambling, partying and sex. Legend has it, Lemmy bedded over a thousand women. How true is this? He did what he wanted and he looked good doing it. Standing out as a bass player in a band that can be considered one of the most influemtial in the Metal world. His band even spearheaded an entire genre of Metal:

Speed Metal!

Lemmy wanted his band to play, LOUDER and FASTER and they did. Motorhead was able to maintain their style over a very long period, and over 20 albums released it’s hard to say the band ever strayed away from what they were good at. There is talk about the band ending and I strongly feel so too. No one can replace Lemmy, no one can sound like Lemmy, not even close to him. He had a very unique voice, raspy or gravely or just flat out manly. And he also spoke like he sang. With memorable songs like, Iron Fist, Overkill, Ace Of Spades, the legacy Lemmy left behind can’t and will not be touched anytime soon.

Here in Africa, we know there are bands that Lemmy and Motorhead influenced. People who will tell you they started playing because they heard Motorhead on the radio. He had that reach all round the world so excuse us if we are sad and angry because we lost someone so big.

Below you will find an interview in which the frontman of Overthrust, Tshomarelo had with BBC speaking about the influence and the lengths he went to to listen to Motorhead and Lemmy, real emotional stuff too.  The interview is worth the listen also so check it out here:

We urge you to leave comment in the comment section telling us what you love about the man and the band, pay some respect to him if you must. From we here at AudioInferno, we say rest easy Lemmy, forever Motorhead.


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