A Tribute to a Legend: Lemmy Kilmister


I remember the day when Lemmy died. I had got off the bed for my usual daily morning routine which includes falling out of bed, attempts at some exercise and stretching, all while jamming Lamb Of God. I head outside to feel the fresh atmosphere, then I check my messages and one of my guys in Kenya had left a message:

Lemmy is dead.

At that point, part of me knew he was gone because I knew he was fighting cancer but another part refused to accept it. I rush online and check. He is dead and gone. At that moment, the atmosphere turned weird in a way. Was a sad day.

Well, he may be gone but he will forever live in our hearts. I have many things to say but let’s hear what some African bands have to say about Lemmy.

Riley McLeod [Millennium] Mauritius

RileyThere is a lot of love in this world for Motörhead leader, Lemmy Kilmister. His passing has impacted many in the music world who came to know and enjoy their time spent with the iconic rocker. For now, celebrate the life that this wonderful man celebrated so vibrantly himself; exactly the way he would’ve wanted it. Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister 1945 -2015. Born to lose, lived to win.

Hazel Bee [Manager of In Dreams] South Africa


Hazel rocking a Motorhead hoodie

To Lemmy. The man who had Rock ‘n Roll deep in his soul. You will be missed always. XXX

Multifilis Thuso [Manager of PMMA Polymethyl Methacrylate Band] Botswana

pmmaLemmy was a role model to us. We have listened to his music for a long time. The Legacy he left will never perish. The kind of style he used inspired many of us to where we are today. We looked at him as a father to many. May his soul rest in peace.

Jason Modyrc [Imperial Destruction ] South Africa

imperial destruction1Ian Fraser Kilmister was the balls Rock n’ Roll never had. I can’t say that I was a die-hard fan that listened to Motörhead or Hawkwind every waking hour, but I do know I respected the badass approach and the stepping-stones Lemmy lay down for us Rock n’ Rollers/Metalheads. Lemmy was a man who demanded respect, the copious amounts of alcohol and touring lifestyle, lent people the courage to get out there and follow his footsteps. He was a straight forward person, no bullshit, straight to the point kinda guy, and I respected that. No legend can escape the grasp of Death, but only a few can party with Death himself.

Tshomarelo Mosaka [Overthust] Botswana


Vulturethrust rocking a Motorhead shirt

All I can say is that Lemmy was a good guy. He believed in himself, he lived for rock n roll and died for rock n roll. He paved a way for most existing Metal bands and as such his music and lifestyle had a huge influence on my lifestyle and to many more rockers out there. May his soul rest in peace.

 Matthew Cox [Thread of Omen ] South Africa

Matthew CoxI definitely wasn’t the biggest Motörhead fan and I am honestly not too familiar with the work of Lemmy Kilmister, however I have loads of respect for Lemmy as a musician and the impact he has made. Rest in peace, Lemmy. There is a possibility of a Lemmy tribute show taking place sometime in the near future, although the show would probably feature more commercial artists rather than a group of underground Metal musicians.

Lenny [Irony Destroyed] Kenya

ironydI would say Lemmy was a true heavy metal God, his amazing Bass playing skills creative songwriting, deep gravelly vocals and awesome live performances made him attain his title as a metal God. Lemmy’s music with Motörhead can be heard in movies, games even commercials. I’ve personally played a game called “Brutal Legend” which featured Lemmy as the leader of the bass players healing people with his bass strings and causing destructive mayhem when fighting. It was an awesome game. Lemmy will be forever remembered and never forgotten by any Metal or rock playing band and will always continue to influence Heavy Metal. Rest in peace.

Lemmy lives forever \m/

Check out our podcast dedicated to Lemmy and stay tuned to AudioInferno for any news about Lemmy’s tribute which Matthew Cox from Thread of Omen will be organizing.



Rest in Peace Lemmy


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