Culture Horizon releases third Single ‘Restart’

Culture horizon

Culture Horizon, which hails from Kenya and are a side project of Void of Belonging, have just dropped their third single which was produced in the Yagami studios, Canada. I like this a lot. Listen to it below:

Can’t stop listening to this jam, it only gets better with each listen. We would be doing a review of the track soon.

Culture Horizon is a band that cares a lot about children. They use every opportunity to care for them, they go to the orphanage homes and they play for them. They inspire them to do good things in the world and to also stand up for people who could not stand up for themselves. Who knows if one day these same orphans will stand up for people in their society? It’s great what Culture Horizon is doing and we hope more bands can take a leaf from their book in that regard.

You can check out their second single here

Stay tuned!


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