South African band Surdus releases single ‘Silence will Fall’


Surdus, a band which hails from Johannesburg, South Africa are back with their new track Silence Will Fall. The Melodic death band which went SYMPHONIC after seeing Witchfest, that’s awesome because some bands go to concerts and when they see bands play, they find their rhythm, they redefine their sound.


We spoke to Alec Larsen, who plays guitar and is backing vocals:

Yeah well Silence Will Fall was written about two years ago, when we had two guitarists and no symphonic elements. As things go with bands, people move and our line up has changed a lot since then. Last year, around April we were searching for a new rhythm guitarist when we had the opportunity to see Septicflesh at WitchFest and this inspired us to go symphonic. I haven’t heard of a symphonic groove metal band before. Since then we’ve polished up our act. We finally started recording Silence Will Fall, with Tim Harbour, in December. The lyrics are inspired by an alien race from the TV show Doctor Who. We like the idea of an alien race influencing the decisions made by people in power.


Credit to Chelsea Mulock-Bentley of Imagine Photography

So these guys now sing Symphonic groove metal and they even incorporate pre-recorded choirs and orchestras into their live performance. The track was recorded with Tim Harbour at his home studio, they should be rounding up with their album mid year. Stay tuned to AudioInferno as we bring you more news from Surdus.

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