An Ass Kicking Interview with Crooked

Well we finally discovered technology! Do you guys know you can use your PC to video call people in different countries? I KNOW RIGHT! So awesome. We had no idea that was even possible. So imagine our excitement when we managed to score an interview with the band Crooked from South Africa. Sweet-sweet alternative bands and with the popularity of the genre, it’s a smart thing to check out what the band had to say.

We had our very own Skippy Duran conduct the interview. Yes, the very same dude who does our podcast, the very same dude who’s writing this very article… this just got a lot weirder than when I initially started writing this. Anyway, this happens to be our very first video interview and we promise to score as many as we can. We know the world has become a visual world so we are getting on that bandwagon.


Be sure to follow the band on their YouTube channel hereand also, give them a like on their Facebook page here guys.




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