Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Kat of Crooked


I’m sure by now you’ve checked out our awesome interview with Kat Alice Coetzee of Crooked (and if you haven’t, then head over HERE!). Well we asked her about her favourite/most influential music videos and she gave us this great list. Watch the videos and rock along!

Kat in action

Kat in action

Famous Last Words – My Chemical romance

I am picking the The Famous last words music video first because aside from it being my favourite song of all time, Gerard Way is one of my biggest inspirations. His music and stage performances really inspire me constantly. My Chemical Romance was a massive part of my teen years and are probably the reason I chose to go into rock music. I love the video because of Gerard’s facial expressions and how expressive and theatrical he is. I love the destruction in the video. I love everything about this video. It’s my ultimate favourite of all time! I can’t describe it other than the fact that it just gives me this feeling that’s indescribable for me, it’s a total masterpiece.


Make Me Wanna Die (the viral version) – Pretty Reckless

I love the Pretty Reckless and I love Taylor Momsen, I think she is so gorgeous and I am somebody who loves beauty. I love the style of the video in that there is no story, yet there is. It’s very artistic and I really like that about it. It’s an aesthetically pleasing video to watch but has a rocking song to go with it.


I’m Shakin by Jack White

This just instantly gets you in an amazing mood – I love the battle kind of thing, and Jack’s performance is super cool and super-duper sexy. It’s stylish and fun. I love the song and the video suits it so well yet you wouldn’t exactly expect that video.

Kill the Dj by Green Day

I just love that it’s got total trailer trash in it. it’s awesome. I love the colours, I love the weirdo characters, I love the looks on the bands faces specially Billie! I love how it’s just plain fucking BADASS!


Black hole Sun by Sound Garden

I love this video because it speaks to me about my view on the world, at times. How messed up things can be, how people can hurt each other sometimes. I truly just want to: “Hang my head, Drown my fear ‘Til you all just disappear.” For me it speaks about seeing this messed up, superficial world from the outside and saying – we have made a massive fuck up of life and our priorities and we need to fix this shit NOW!

Awesome choice of videos and I loved how enthusiastic her responses were. I may be a big prophet of the ways of Metal but I really like some of these songs. As I said above, be sure to check out the interview.

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