The Fallen Prophets releases “Covered in Blood, Guts, and Gore”

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The Fallen Prophets!!

I love these guys, I’ve been watching videos of them and all I can say is that they are mind blowing on stage, one of the stage performances that  lights up the South African Metal scene. As a musician you have to be creative, but not only that, these guys kill it on stage. They take it to a whole different level. They crush it!

They spill blood on their bodies while performing, sick right? So I ask Pieter their frontman why there’s blood on his skin during performances, he tells me:

‘We wear the blood of our victims to represent the brutality of the music.’

If you don’t cherish your sanity, listen to this…

The Song was recorded at Worlds End Studios in Bellville, Cape Town (South Africa) the lyrics and music was written by their frontman Pieter, and improvised with the rest of the band’s unique touch.

Austin: What do the lyrics mean?


“A new life sinking into this world to slowly rot… You will die brutally with no mercy, covered by your hate, covered in blood, guts, and gore.”

This is the first track of their upcoming début album, Slaughtered At The Altar, and the band is really excited, to say the least. It was recorded in an analogue studio to get the best quality. The album launch will be at Mercury Live in Cape Town on Saturday the 5th of March.

Watch Covered in Blood, Guts, and Gore Playthrough below

Stay tuned and for more about The Fallen Prophets, be sure to stay locked here.

Note: doesn’t assume credit for the pictures used in this article, full credits go to the photographer Keets Designs & Photography and the band.


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