Emalyth Arts Expo – A Full Weekend Camping Festival


Hello guys, yeah it’s a Friday, getting ready for my weekly Friday ritual which is Death metal!!! I play it in my room all night, I don’t care, volumes to the max and speakers fired up.

Well my neighbors know I do that every Friday, so they understand it’s part of who I am and they respect that. Its just Fridays though, if it was a daily ritual, I’m sure my neighbors would have a problem with it. Hahaha… but I can blast my speakers all through my neighborhood and I won’t lose a sweat. It is my wish to spread metal music across the lands.

O.K, enough of the blabbing, now to the topic o

Who is going for the 8th Installment of the Emalyth Arts Expo – A Full Weekend Camping Festival starting today 29th January, 2016? If you’re around the vicinity of South Africa, make it a date to attend this event and you won’t regret it.

We respect the S.A scene for their shows and their promotions and a lot of things they do to keep the scene alive! We can only learn from them. If you thinking of anywhere to be this weekend, be at the Emalyth Arts Expo – A Full Weekend Camping Festival. Lots of bands will be performing even Brazils own Nervochaos will be there live. To know more about this, click here

E.Ps are gonna be released, new singles from bands, your favorite band merchs are gonna be on sale, it is the place to be this weekend. Y’all have a rocking weekend at the Emalyth Arts Expo. Keep rocking till infinity *Time for some old school death metal*

Keep supporting your local rock bands \m/…


Name is Austin, peeps call me Austinrock. I like to interact with bands. You DO NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained here \m/{*¿*}\m/ ...THERE...OK. I'm a huge Melodeath metal fan. I'm proud to be a METALHEAD. Metal isn't for everybody, it's for the chosen few. Most friends I have tell me they don't understand why I like metal, that it is too much noise. They just going to have to listen beyond the noise and the truth is they don't have to figure it out, it is either in you or it isn't. Metal is my morning coffee and it's my night sleeping pills...

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